Have a question, comment, or concern? Please feel free to reach out to us! All emails are checked and responded to within 24 hours! Below is our list of staff ready to serve you! Also feel free to call us at 281-342-4766 (IRON)




Business Manager – Dani Donnelly  dani@ironcrossgymnastics.com







Business Manager – Tracy Wright   tracy@ironcrossgymnastics.com







Girls Team Optional Director – John Contreras  coachjohn@ironcrossgymnastics.com







Girls Team Compulsory Director – Stefanie Barton  coachstefanie@ironcrossgymnastics.com







Girls Team Xcel Director – Leanne Gifford   coachleanne@ironcrossgymnastics.com







Boys Team Director – Dakota Qualls   coachdakota@ironcrossgymnastics.com








Director of Dance – Christina Leachman   christina@ironcrossgymnastics.com 







Owner – Jeremy Alspaugh   jeremy.owner@ironcrossgymnastics.com 







Owner – Grant Qualls    jeremy.owner@ironcrossgymnastics.com