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Welcome to Iron Cross Gymnastics and Dance!

Welcome to Iron Cross Gymnastics, we are so excited to have your family join our family! We hope that you will find our program is the perfect fit for your children’s needs! We will work hard to make sure your family has a truly meaningful experience with us.


Our Mission:  

Our company has three missions:

  • To provide a positive, loving, and encouraging environment for our students while at the same time producing desirable results.
  • To build strong relationships with our students and their families.
  • To make a positive and lasting impact in our community.


We are missioned minded and we have a PLAN!

We will strive constantly to continue to improve our products and services through technology, innovation, and customer feedback.  We will also continue to expand our physical building and space as well as the different types of products and services that we offer. We believe that in order for our business to be successful and continue to grow and thrive in our ever-changing world that we must grow and change with it!  We will always continue to seek new ways to innovate our products, services, and systems, and be a better company tomorrow than we are today! With time, customers will experience first-hand how much we care about growing and innovating our company so that we can continue to provide all ICG customers with the care and service they deserve! We are always working to improve the following four categories.

  • Programs
  • Service
  • Technology
  • Systems


 Current Products and Services Offered

  • Recreational Gymnastics Classes (girls & boys)
  • Pre-School Gymnastics Classes (girls & boys)
  • Girls Competitive Gymnastics Teams
  • Boys Competitive Gymnastics Teams
  • Xcel Competitive Gymnastics Teams
  • Home School Competitive Gymnastics
  • Recreational Dance Classes (Ballet) (Jazz) (Tap) (Hip Hop)
  • Competitive Dance Teams
  • Birthday Parties (Gymnastics) ages 4 to 12
  • Birthday Parties (Dance) ages 5 to 12
  • Parents Night Out
  • Open Gyms
  • Specialty Clinics
  • Apparel (Leotards) (Shirts) (Shorts) (Etc.)


Planned Future Services coming within one year.

  • Mother’s Day Out Programs
  • Ninja Warrior Classes
  • After School Care
  • Martial Arts
  • Music Lessons


Here are the Iron Cross Gymnastics and Dance Policies and Procedures…

Trial Class Procedure: 

All visitors and guest will receive their first class or membership choice for FREE!  We want to make sure that your child gets acquainted with their coach or coaches, and that they get to try a class in our program before you as the parent or guardian commit to it on a financial level. It is extremely important to us that we make certain that each child feels comfortable and enjoys the full experience of becoming an Iron Cross Club Member.  We also make sure that our Parents get to meet the coach on the day of their trial and get a proper assessment of how their child responded to the class.  After your child has attended their free trial class and you have made the decision to enroll please see our front desk immediately to ensure that your enrollment process gets completed with payment.  A class spot will not be held or reserved after the trial class if payment has not been received and enrollment procedures haven’t been completed.

We do offer our guest whom try a class a DISCOUNT of 10% if enrollment is completed the same day after the trial class has ended.


Enrollment Procedure: 

When enrolling at Iron Cross the first step is to decide which membership plan is right for you. We have different membership plans, each with their own unique value to offer. In our Gymnastics Program we have Sapphire, Silver, and Gold with our Gold being the “BEST VALUE” Membership and in our Dance Program we have Emerald, Ruby, & Gold with Gold still being the “BEST VALUE” (see membership plan brochure or look at in on the website to help choose). When choosing a membership, it is important to keep in mind that Gymnastics and Dance are not seasonal sports.  If you truly want to see your child maximize the best benefits from these sports you have to think in terms of the “big picture”. It doesn’t matter what your starting commitment level is in our program.  Our program is designed to maximize your child’s growth on an annual basis.  On average for a child coming once per week it will take a full year to move from one level to the next.  With that said, we break up our goals for our children within each level on a monthly basis.  You will see the results of physical and mental growth in your children on a month to month basis.

There is no short cutting good old fashion hard-work in life! In other words, perfect gymnasts and dancers are not produced over-night.  It takes years of real time, commitment, dedication, and many other principals to train an “A” Class Athlete.  It takes years to perfect their craft!  An athlete must know how to have harmony mentally, physically, and spiritually. We teach our students to have this harmony by making their mental muscles strong, their physical muscles strong, and how having faith in themselves is key to success!  Our programs are progressive and are designed to constantly build upon lesson after lesson, week after week, month after month, and of course, year after year.


 Parent Education:

As your child grows and develops with us we want our parents to as well! We work hard to make sure that our parents get as much knowledge and on-going education of the sport and more so what we are teaching in classes as possible.  We basically have three major ways of parent education.

  1. Monthly Lesson Plan Guidelines
  2. Lesson Videos
  3. In-house Performances



Membership Rate:

Your membership rate is determined by the plan and level membership that you the customer decide is the best fit for your needs.  The cost is broken down from an annual summary into a monthly rate in which all days that we are open and closed throughout the year are calculated into the tuition and accounted for. We do not require any financial contracts that would require customers to stay in the program for a required length of time.  We do however require payment of the first and last month deposit as well as an insurance fee/membership fee upon enrollment.  Basically, we are requiring any enrolled member to commit to their first and last month financially upfront; all months/years in-between that spectrum of time is completely up to you being the customer/ club member. We also require a credit card or debit card on file to be charged on the first of each month for membership dues. If a customer would like to pay by cash or check they can, however payment must be made to our front office before the billing date which is the first of every month to avoid the card on file being charged.  Our management system is PCI secure and protected.  Our management staff whom is in charge of billing and accounts receivable can only view the last four digits of a customer’s card on file. We e-mail our customers a monthly invoice one week prior to the first of the month.


Parent Portal Account: 

One of the many great things about our business is our user friendly online management system which gives parents 24-hour access to their account.  You will be able to see invoices, charges, and account history any time you want!  Simply go to and click on Parent Portal.  Then select Create Account, follow the prompters.  Our management system has a high-quality rating and is completely safe to protect your information.  We only can see the last 4 digits of your credit card, and all systems stay up to date with PCI Compliance and Online Information Laws.


Steps to Creating an ICLASS PRO ACCOUNT

  1. go to
  2. Click on Parent Portal
  3. Click Create Account
  4. Put in Your name, email, info, and choose a password
  5. Put in your child’s name, info,
  6. Put in your Credit or Debit Card
  7. You’re Done!


How many classes does your child get per year? 

Each customer will receive a minimum total of 45 classes per year from the start of their anniversary date assuming that your membership level is only for one class per week.  If your membership is for two classes than you would receive a total of 92 classes per year.  Tuition is not pro-rated for missed classes or holidays.  Please remember that holidays and other times the business is closed is built in to the annual premium.  In order to receive the maximum dollar value of our programs, your child would need to be enrolled for a year or more without taking any membership hold allowances. We value nothing more than providing a quality product! This is why we create our pricing using an annual total and then chop it up into twelve pieces. It keeps things in our business consistent and allows for us to plan our student’s goals and track progress over a reasonable amount of time. It also allows us to grow our relationships with our students and their families through the four seasons! We love the holidays and   we love getting to share that time with our customers.  You will notice that we celebrate and decorate according to each time of year! Christmas and New Year’s is definitely our favorite time to share with the families of Iron Cross!



Our business try’s to stays in-line with the LCISD and FBISD School District.  We are closed for all major holidays. Our tuition has all the days that we are closed built in to the pricing.

  • 2 weeks for Christmas and New Years
  •  1 week for Spring Break
  • 1 week for the last week of School
  • A partial week for the 4th of July
  • 1 week for the first week of school

See Calendar on Website for other days closed


Unforeseen Closure and Circumstances

We reserve the right to a total of 5 days throughout the year that we might have to close for unforeseen circumstances without offering a credit to the account or a make-up class.  Here are some examples of unforeseen circumstances

  • Severe Weather such as ICE or SNOW
  • Hurricane
  • Natural Disaster
  • Fire
  • Emergency Incident


Make-Up Procedure: 

Iron Cross offers 2 make-up classes per month with a catch! The catch is that all make-up classes must be scheduled and take place within the same month that the student missed his or her class.  The only exception to this rule would be if a child misses class during the last week of the month in which case we would schedule the make up the first week into the next month. Make up classes are contingent upon space being available in a class and can only be booked 1 week in advance in order to not have a spot in one of our classes unavailable when we could potentially sell it to a potential customer.

It is also important to understand that NO classes that are at max capacity will be an offered option for make-ups. We must hold this standard to ensure that our customers are always getting the max quality and efficiency out of their classes.  Our class ratio is 6-1 for “beginnings” students and 8-1 for “rec or school age”

Make-ups should truly be used as a last resort and not an alternative to your child’s class each month!


In order to schedule a make class:

  1. Call us at 281-342-4766 (iron)
  2. Let us know the day your child missed
  3. We will offer you options
  4. Simply choose the one that is best for you!



First 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Iron Cross offers a full 30 day no hassle money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our service!  The 30 days starts from your official enrollment date.  Beyond the 30-day guarantee, all refunds must be approved by management and are individually assessed on a situation by situation basis.  If within the first 30 days you decide that our program isn’t the right fit for you, simply contact our office and ask to speak to one of our Business Team Managers.  Our two Business Managers are Danielle Donnelly and Tracy Wright.  They will issue you an exit survey, and be able to issue you the refund.


Dropping your membership:  

In order to drop your membership, you must go online to our parent portal and fill out our drop request form. If you need help with this process simply call our office and we can walk you through the process.  When deciding to drop your club membership, please make sure that the online request was done prior to the next billing date which is always the 1st of the month.  This allows us to apply your last month deposit to the upcoming billing cycle and on the 1st, your last 30 days with us will begin.


Putting a membership on hold instead of dropping: 

Many customers prefer this method as opposed to dropping the membership completely because it allows for a simple process in returning to the program when the time is right. In order to put a membership on hold you would still need to let us know before the next billing cycle which is always the 1st of the month in order to not be charged normal monthly tuition.  Simply call our office staff at 281-342-4766 (IRON) and let them know when you wish to go on-hold. They will look up your account and make sure there are no balances owed to the business first.  Then they will place your account into an inactive status.  Your Last Month Deposit will stay on file with us and can be applied to your child’s account whenever you wish to start back up. It is important to know that if your annual insurance/membership fee expires during the lapse of time your account is on hold and in an inactive status that it will be required to be charged upon returning the account to an active status.


Unattended Children? 

We require all children not in classes to be attended by a parent or legal guardian at all times.  If a child does not have a parent or guardian with them, the parent may be called and asked to come and pick up their child.  We do not have the staff, resources, or the proper facility to keep unattended children without supervision safe and out of harm’s way.


Communication Platforms: 

The following platforms are used to insure each and every customer is given the opportunity to be well informed about any and everything going on in our programs!

  • Weekly E-Mail: (Sent out every Monday between the hours of 9am – 12pm)
  • Text Messages: (customers can choose through the parent portal to sign up for text messages)
  • Quarterly Newsletter: (handout to our students the first week of each quarter, also available on our website and at the marketing table in the lobby)
  • Online Calendar: (available on the website)
  • Facebook: (Iron Cross Facebook Page)
  • Iron Cross Website: We keep our website up to date year-round
  • Call us or ask any staff member: (all staff is properly trained to be able to answer most generally foreseen questions) 281-342-4766
  • E-Mail us:  For questions e-mail us at (email is checked and responded to daily)


Private Lessons Procedure:

A Private lesson is a specialized one on one training from coach to student with the intent for the student to obtain specific goals that they wish to accomplish.  We highly recommend private lessons only for students with the age, maturity, and understanding of how to set goals, and are willing to put in the hard work, sacrifice, and dedication to accomplish them.  Private lessons are for members of our club only!  If your child is not a member and not already enrolled in one of our class programs, we do have a membership level called QUARTZ that would allow the student and the coach to use our facility, equipment, and resources at a cost of $15 per month.  This would be like any of our other membership plans in which we would keep a credit or debit card on file and it would be billed on the first of every month.  Whenever your child decides to stop taking private lessons you would simply cancel your quartz membership.   Iron Cross plays a third-party role in private lessons in which we allow our instructors to run their own private lessons on their own time and simply lease the space and equipment from us to do so.  The customer will pay the coach or trainer directly by means of cash or check.  Unfortunately, we do not accept credit cards simply because this is a direct transaction between the customer and the coach. If you wish to book a private lesson or would like of our staff members to reach out to you simply call 281-342-4766 (IRON) and let our office staff know that you are interested in private lessons.  If you have a specific coach in mind, they will have that coach call you and set up details from there.  If you don’t have a specific instructor in mind, our office staff can help you find one that would be a good fit for your child and their goals.  It is highly recommended that private lessons are used in addition to taking a class and not used instead of taking a class, however in the end that is up to the customer.


How do I book a Private Lesson?

  1. Call our front desk (281) 342-4766 IRON
  2. Get your Quartz Membership Set Up (only applies for non-members)
  3. Let our staff know what coach you would like or we can recommend one for you
  4. Our Coach will call you within 24 hours
  5. You and our staff member will take it from there!


Drop-Off Procedure: 

If your child is of the age 6 or above, parents are welcome to drop off at the beginning of class and return to pick up their child on time when class is ending.  Parents must come inside to pick up their child. We do not let children go out into the parking lot unattended to wait for their ride.  If your child is in our pre-school Beginnings Program we require the parent to stay at our facility during their child’s class in case of bathroom needs, behavioral needs, or emergency needs.  Customers are not allowed to park in front of the doors and wait for their child to come outside, once again please park and come inside to pick up your child.


Discounts Procedure: 


We do offer discounts for families with Siblings enrolled as well as quarterly, and half year incentives.

Sibling Discount – We offer 10% off for having a sibling enrolled in our program under any level of membership with the one exception being team.  We do not offer sibling discounts for team.

Quarterly Discount – Receive 5% off if you set your billing up for quarterly.  Quarters Discounts are always charged in Jan, April, July, and October.  (Jan – Mar is 1st Quarter) (Apr – Jun is 2nd Quarter) (Jul – Sep is 3rd Quarter) and (Oct – Dec is 4th Quarter)

Half Year DiscountReceive 10% off for setting your billing up for half year, or every six months.  Half Year Discounts are billed in January and July (Jan – Jun is the 1st half year) (Jul – Dec is 2nd half year)


We will not prorate for quarterly or half year billings for customers whom enroll during an interim month that the cycle doesn’t fall on.  In other words, if a customer enrolls during an interim month, then they will need to pay the normal monthly dues until the start of the next quarter of half billing cycle depending on which one the customer would like to be signed up for.  (see membership plans for more details on the benefits of these discounts)


Parents Boundaries: 

Parents are expected to wait outside of the work-out area at all times during your child’s class.  No Parent is permitted in the gym for safety reasons as well as general productivity. If you wish to speak with a coach, please let our front desk know and we will schedule arrangements to accommodate that. Our coaches love to speak with parents and inform them of progress and how things are going in class.  We would like to encourage customers to stick around for a few minutes after the dismissal of classes so that our coaches can have an opportunity to speak with parents and inform them of progress as well as continue to build and invest in the relationships between you and them.  We want our customers to get to know our staff, learn their backgrounds, and hear their plans to overall help the kids of Iron Cross grow and succeed in the goals!


Smoke Free Facility: 

Iron Cross Property is considered a smoke free zone.  No smoking is permitted in the building or on the property.  We want to be considerate for the health and general well-being of our students and customers.


Customer Feedback: 

We welcome our customer’s feedback.  It is this positive feedback that helps us continue to grow and improve each year. If you are not satisfied or have any concerns, please ask to see one of our Business Managers ‘Tracy Wright’ or ‘Dani Donnelly’ or our General Manager ‘Melissa Cantu’. So that they might be able to help and find solutions as well as bring the concerns to the attention of the owners.  Also, we have a survey that parents can fill out at any time, and as many times as they would like to help us improve our understanding of what we do well, and what we need to work on! We work hard to provide quality and great service but we also know that we are not perfect! Your feedback is important to our learning and understanding of our strengths and weaknesses.  All surveys are anonymous unless you would like to put your name on them and are viewed directly by the owner.


How can I fill out a Customer Satisfaction Survey?

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Info Tab
  3. Click on Customer Satisfaction Survey
  4. Take 5 minutes to fill it out
  5. That’s it, you’re done!


 Customer Reviews:

We are truly grateful and appreciative of all of our customers, students, and families here at Iron Cross! We will always work hard to satisfy the needs of our customers in any and every way that we can!  With this said, we would like you to know that one of the things that really helps our company stay strong and continue to grow is customer reviews.  If you have had a good experience with us and would like to share it with others we would truly be grateful! Here are some great sources to use for reviews…Google, Yelp, Facebook, Yahoo, BBB, etc.…. (Google is the best place always to post a review)


How to write a review?

  1. Go to google and type in Iron Cross
  2. Then click Write Review
  3. Then Submit


Lost Items: 

If something gets lost here, we do have a lost and found.  Simply ask our front desk and they will show you were it is.  Every three months, we donate lost and found unclaimed items to Purple Heart or the Salvation Army.  Please do not let your child bring valuables to class.  We do understand some children having cell phones and we provide cubbies in the gym area for our students to put their shoes, socks, phone, etc.  Iron Cross is not responsible for its student’s belongings and will not be held liable for lost or stolen items.


Gymnastics Class Move-Up Procedures

All move ups are assessed individually throughout the year.  Iron Cross uses a curriculum that is customized specifically for our business, but also follows USA Gymnastics rules and guidelines. Every child has a skill card that their coach updates routinely. These cards contain the skills needed for each level and your child’s coach is always available to discuss their progress before or after class. Our move up process is simple.  When the coach feels that it is time for your child to advance to a more accelerated class, they will first let the child know by giving them a move-up card that they will need to give their parent.  This card will have the recommended class level that the coach would like your child to go to. The parent simply needs to call or stop by our front office to find a class time that will work with your family’s schedule. Our curriculums are based on three categories; Skills, Strengths, and Maturity. All three categories must have positive ratings in order for our staff to recommend moving a student to the next level.  Sometimes talented kids have to stay back until they have the maturity to be able to listen and follow directions.  We have a scale rating between 1 and 10 for each category. When a child is at 85% or higher in their ratings in all three categories our staff will recommend moving to the next level challenge.


Move Up Process:

  1. Coach will have completed skill evaluation for student.
  2. Coach will fill out a recommendation for next level that he will give to the parent along with their completed skill chart.
  3. Parent will see the front desk to make the class change.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is full tuition charged on months where there are only 3 weeks? (Can we do make ups for days the gym is closed?)

A: Monthly tuition is based on a 46-week year, meaning we account for all of the holidays and breaks on our calendar (Christmas, Thanks Giving, Memorial Day, first and last weeks of school, etc.).  The yearly tuition is divided equally so that monthly tuition remains the same all year around. Because of this we do not allow make up classes for the days we are scheduled to be closed. Regardless of whether you have 3, 4, or 5 classes in any one month, you will have 46 classes in a year.

Q: Do I have to put a card on file? (Can I pay by cash/check each month?)

A: The tuition is set to automatically draft on the 1st (or 15th if requested) of every month. We do require that you have a bank debit card or credit card saved on file. This information is protected by a secure network and a password protected program. We are also PCI Certified and Compliant.  If you would like to pay with cash or check, you may do so at the front desk or through the Parent Portal before the 1st of the month to avoid your card being charged.

Q: What is the annual fee and why do we pay it?

A: Every Iron Cross Member is required to pay a $29.00 Insurance fee annually.  This fee will be automatically charged on your account on the date of your anniversary.  The fee is used to help offset the cost of rising annual insurance premiums that are based on our total number of enrollment as well as other factors for our facility. This is a per family, not per student fee.

Q: If I pay the quarterly or half year discounted tuition and stop classes before the 3/6 months is up can I be refunded for the remainder of the tuition?

A: Unfortunately, the answer to this question is “No.” When paying the discounted tuition for the quarter or half year, we do not refund if you decide to drop before the end of the 3/6 months. Once these fees have been charged, Iron Cross reserves the right to use the capital towards investing in operational cost which is why we don’t offer a prorated refund.

Q: How do I drop a class?

A: We hate to see our students leave the program, but we understand that sometimes other things take priority. In the Iron Cross Rules, Terms, and Conditions, agreed upon at enrollment, our drop procedure is as follows “In order to drop your membership, you must go online to our parent portal and fill out our drop request form.  We do require the drop request to be complete before the 1st of the next up-coming month.  This gives us an appropriate amount of time to process the request, and to make sure that you are not charged on the first of the month with the tuition draft.  Remember, you paid your child’s last month as a deposit upon enrollment. This means that your drop request is actually a 30-day notice and that your child will be able to finish out the entire next month after the drop request has been turned in to us.” Please note: You are responsible for payment for your student’s classes whether or not your student attends class. If a student isn’t coming to class without notification, then that student’s account will continue to be charged until notice has been received.

Q: What is the difference between dropping and going on hold?

A: We understand that many people are out of town for summer, holidays, and other circumstances where they need to take hopefully nothing more than just a short break from classes. In this case, you may put your account on hold. In order to do this, you may request a drop either at the front desk or through the Parent Portal before the 1st of the month when tuitions are due. When doing so make sure you note that you would like to “go on hold” and include how long you predict to be out of classes for. This will not hold your child’s spot in the class she/he is enrolled in but it will hold your last month deposit on your account for your return.

Q: We would like to drop immediately. Can I get a refund on our last month deposit?

A: Unfortunately, the answer to this question is “No.” The last month deposit is non-refundable as it is stated in the Iron Cross Rules, Terms and Conditions that you are required to give us a 30-day notice before dropping so that we can then apply your last month deposit to the month of your request.

Q: Can I drop/enroll class through the Parent Portal?

A: Yes! You are able to request to drop, enroll, make up, and trial a class through your parent portal and leave us a note as well. You are also able to enroll in any of our camps or events through the Parent Portal.

Q: My child has missed a few class over the summer, can we make up those classes in the fall?

A: Unfortunately, the answer is No.  We don’t have the capacity to accommodate makeups by rolling them into future months.  We do allow for 2 make up classes per month however, they must be scheduled in advance only one week out, and the make-up must be completed within the same month that the student missed.  The only exception to this rule is if you miss class the last week of the month, you will be able to schedule a make-up lesson into the first week of the up-coming month.  The two make-up classes per month is the max number of classes that can be made up per month and applies the same to all membership levels regardless of how many classes the student might take per week.

Q: Will there be classes in the summer time?

A: Yes!  Iron Cross Gymnastics is a year around program.  Our class schedule does slightly change 3 times per year so that we can better accommodate our customer’s needs.  We have a Fall Schedule, Spring Schedule and Summer Schedule.   However, for the most part the schedule is the same year-round with a few small changes to some classes based on supply and demand. When there is a change coming, we publish the new schedule at least one month in advance to allow the customers to see any changes that have been made and let you make any changes that need to be made with our front desk.

Q: Why isn’t my child progressing? (They are doing the same thing each week.)

A: While it may appear that your child is not progressing, we encourage you to speak with your child’s coach to discuss how your child is doing with their skills. Each child has a skill card with all the skills need to move up to the next level. They update these cards periodically as your child progresses and once they have mastered 90% of the skills needed for the next level the coach will verbally let you know to move your child’s class to the next level. Our directors set a lesson plan each week for each program (Recreational, Tumbling and Beginnings) that works on different aspects of the skills that need to be learned for each level. The nature of gymnastics and tumbling is that repetitive practice is needed for success. We try to alleviate that repetitive nature by playing games, posting challenges and having fun.

Q: My child seems more advanced than the other, can she/he move up? (When can I expect my child to move up in class?)

A: We encourage you to speak with our child’s coach regarding his/her progress and readiness to move up to the next level. Our coaches re-assess their students at regular intervals and will let you know when it is time to move your child to a higher-level class.

Q: Will my child have the same coach each week?

A: Your class does have one coach designated to that class each week. However, emergencies and unforeseen circumstances do happen and in these cases, we will assign a substitute coach for that day. We will make every effort to notify you of any changes as soon as we know about them.

Q: What is the difference between gymnastics and tumbling?

A: Gymnastics classes include all of the different apparatuses and teach different level skills for these events. For girls, this includes the uneven bars, balance beam, vault, and floor (tumbling). For boys, these apparatuses are the parallel bars, high bar, pommel horse, still rings, vault, and floor (tumbling).  Tumbling classes will include working on skills on the floor, tumble track, and trampolines where they will learn skills such as cartwheel, round offs, back handsprings, etc.

Q: My child is interested in team. How do we get into that?

 A: Our coaches are always on the lookout for students that they see as potential team members. They look for skill as well as strength, coordination, and coachable children. Coaches are also looking for children who have a love for the sport and follow directions well. If your child is interested in a competitive team, please speak with their coach to inform them and he/she will be able to recommend your child to one of the team directors when appropriate.