Policies and Procedures - Iron Cross Gymnastics

Policies and Procedures

Welcome to our facility and our family oriented business! We hope that you will find your experience with us warm, inviting, and unique!

Trial Class Procedure: All visitors and guest will receive their first class free! We want to make sure that your child gets acquainted with their coaches, and that they get to try a class before committing in order to make sure that they are comfortable with us and that it feels like a good fit! Before trying a class, we need you to follow these 5 easy steps.

  1. Go to ironcrossgymnastics.com and click on parent portal.
  2. Click on create and account
  3. Follow the prompters to put in your child and families information and then agree to our procedures. (no payment info needs to be entered until you choose to enroll)
  4. Call us at 281-342-4766 (iron) so that we can locate you in our system and find a class that would be a good fit for your child’s age and gender as well as your schedule.
  5. When you show up the day of your scheduled trial class, see our front desk staff to get your child their name tag and let us help you get to your child’s first class!

After your child has attended the first class, if you choose to enroll please see our front desk immediately to ensure that you are locked in that class spot. A class spot will not be held or reserved after the trial class.

Enrollment Procedure: When enrolling at Iron Cross the first step is to decide which membership plan is right for you? We have 4 different membership plans, each with their own unique value to offer. Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond (see membership plan brochure or on the website to help choose) we ask our customers to please give us at least one year of your business! Please keep in mind that we are focused on your child’s long-term success. We break our program up into 12 principals throughout each year that we instill in different themes and lessons.

Iron Cross 12 teaching principals:

  • Dedication
  • Compassion
  • Balance
  • Sacrifice
  • Hard-Work
  • Positivity
  • Encouragement
  • Love
  • Fun
  • Commitment
  • Laughter
  • Reward

Quality gymnastics isn’t produced overnight, but if you look at the big picture and scale your child’s progress over the course of a year, we believe that you will be one of our above and beyond satisfied customers. We run a progressive program that is on-going year round. We break our classes up into different themes that will be focused on at different times of the year, and we instill in our students our 12 principals.

Membership Rate: Your membership rate is decided by the membership you choose to have! It is broken down from a yearly summary into a monthly rate, in which all days that we are closed have been factored in the price. We do not require any contracts, customers can start and stop as they please. We do require a credit card on file to be charged on the first of each month for membership dues. We        e-mail our customers a monthly invoice approximately one week prior to the first on the month. If a customer wants to pay their tuition with cash or check, it must be paid before the first in order to not have your card on file charged.

Parent Portal Account: One of the many great things about our business is our user friendly online management system which gives parents 24 hour access to their account. You will be able to see invoices, charges, and account history any time you want! Simply go to www.ironcrossgymnastics.com and click on Parent Portal. Then select Create Account, follow the prompters. Our management system has a high quality rating and is completely safe to protect your information. We only can see the last 4 digits of your credit card, and all systems stay up to date with PCI Compliance and Online Information Laws.

How many classes do I get? Each customer will receive a total of 47 classes per year from the start of their anniversary date. Tuition will not be pro-rated for missed classes. In order to run an efficient business and produce a quality product, we must look at our service from the stand-point of a year.   This allows us an adequate amount of time to produce quality results and expose our students to the 12 teaching principals of our program! We believe that if you give us a year or more, you will be extremely satisfied with the results and will truly understand what makes us different from our competitors.

Holidays? Iron Cross stays 90% in-line with the LCISD and FBISD School District. We are closed for all major holidays.

  • 2 weeks for Christmas and New Years
  • 1 week for Spring Break
  • 1 week for the last week of school in May
  • A partial week for the 4th of July
  • 1 week for the first week of school in September.

Make-Up Procedure: Iron Cross offers unlimited make-up classes for all members. We ask if possible to try to schedule your make-up class within the same month that your child missed. In order to schedule a make class, please follow these 3 simple steps.

  1. Call us at 281-342-4766 (iron)
  2. Let us know the day your child missed and when you would like to make up.
  3. We will offer you options that we have available and schedule what works for you!

Refunds: Iron Cross offers a full 30 day no hassle money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our service or our product. We will ask you to go online and fill out a drop request on our parent portal. Beyond the 30 day guarantee, all refunds must be approved by management and are individually assessed on a situation by situation basis.

Dropping your membership: In order to drop your membership, you must go online to our parent portal and fill out our drop request form. We do require the drop request to be complete by the 25th of the month. This gives us an appropriate amount of time to process the request, and to make sure that you are not charged on the first of the month with the tuition draft. Remember, you paid your child’s last month upon enrollment as part of our requirements. This means that your drop request is actually a 30 day notice and that your child will be able to finish out the entire next month after the drop request has been turned in to us.

Unattended Children? We require all children not in classes to be attended by a parent or legal guardian at all times. If a child does not have a parent or guardian with them, the parent may be called and asked to come and pick up their child. We do not have the staff or the proper facility to keep unattended children without supervision safe and out of harm’s way.

Communication Platforms: One of our company’s missions is to provide above and beyond customer satisfaction and we know a huge part of that is proper and timely communication. The following platforms are used to insure each and every customer is given the opportunity to be well informed.

  • Weekly E-Mail: (Sent out every Monday between the hours of 9am – 12pm)
  • Text Messages: (customers can choose through the parent portal to sign up for text messages)
  • Monthly Newsletter: (handout to our students the first week of each month, also available on our website and at the marketing table in the lobby)
  • Iron Cross App: receive push notifications (download our free app on apple app store, and google play) works for both iPhone and droids
  • Online Calendar: (available on the website and the ICG App)
  • Facebook: (Iron Cross Facebook Page)
  • Iron Cross Website: We keep our website up to date year round (www.ironcrossgymnastics.com)
  • Call us or ask any staff member: (all staff is properly trained to be able to answer most generally foreseen questions)
  • E-Mail us: For questions e-mail us at info@ironcrossgymnastics.com (email is checked and responded to daily)

Private Lessons Procedure: Iron Cross plays a third party role in privates by subleasing the facility to our coaches to teach private lessons on their own time. Most private lessons are taught on Saturday and Sunday due to our staffs work schedule. Most Lessons are charged at a rate of $60 per hour, paid directly to our coaches with cash or check. Iron Cross will be glad to help you find a coach for your child’s private lesson, and then that coach will call and schedule the lesson and the terms of it with you.

Drop-Off Procedure: If your child is of the age 6 or above, parents are welcome to drop off at the beginning of class and return to pick up their child on time when class is ending. Parents must come inside to pick up their child, we do not let children go out into the parking lot unattended to wait for their ride. If your child is in our pre-school program we require the parent at our facility during their child’s class in case of bathroom needs or emergency needs.

Parents Boundaries: Parents are expected to wait outside of the work-out area at all times during your child’s class. No Parent is permitted in the gym for safety reasons as well as general productivity. If you wish to speak with a coach, please let our front desk know and we will schedule arrangements to accommodate that.

Smoke Free Facility: Iron Cross Property is considered a smoke free zone. No smoking is permitted in the building or on the property. We want to be considerate for the health and general well-being of our students and customers.

Critique/Concerns/Suggestions: We welcome our customer’s feedback. It is this feedback that helps us continue to grow and improve each year. There are several was to address us with critique/concerns/suggestions. We ask that our customers stay respectful with their volume and tone of voice when addressing our staff. We do not want a seen or public display created when asking us to address a concern. Please be courteous of other people in our facility that are there to enjoy watching their children. If you are not satisfied with a staff members answer to a concern, please ask to see our office manager ‘Thereasa Gwinn or our General Manager ‘Melissa Cantu. Please do not ask for the owner before going through these proper channels of communication first.

Referrals: If you know someone you would like to refer to us, please ask our front desk to give you a referral card. Simply write your name on the back of the card and then give it to the person you wish to refer us to. When they come to redeem the offer, make sure to let them know to bring that card. We have a really awesome prize pot that referrers will get to reach in and grab a prize out of. This is a small token of our appreciation to you for letting others know about us!

Lost Items: If something gets lost here, we do have a lost and found. Simply ask our front desk and they will show you were it is. Every three months, we donate lost and found to Purple Heart or the Salvation Army. Please do not let your child bring valuables to class. We do understand some children having cell phones and we provide cubbies in the gym area for our students to put their shoes, socks, phone, etc. Iron Cross is not responsible for its student’s belongings and will not be held liable for lost or stolen items.

Surveys: Every few months, Iron Cross might send your child home with or e-mail you a survey.   We are committed to continually bettering ourselves and making our customers happy! These surveys are extremely important to us because honest feedback is one of the best learning tools there is! We are constantly in the pursuit of innovation and finding simpler, more effective ways to improve our service and our product. We ask that you please take the time when receiving one of these to fill it out and turn back in to us. We take them very seriously and use them to improve.   We thank you in advance for your participation!

Class Move-Up Procedures: All move ups are assessed individually throughout the year. Iron Cross uses a curriculum that is tailored to our business, but follows USA Gymnastics rules and guidelines. Our move up process is simple. When our staff feels that it is time for your child to advance to a more accelerated class, they will first let the child know by giving them a move-up card that they will need to give their parent. This card will have the recommended class level that the coach would like the child to go to. It will have a phone number to call with any questions or concerns about the move up. The parent simply needs to call or stop by our front office to find a class time that will work with your family’s schedule. Our office will then transfer your child to the new class in which the child will immediately start. As a parent you should never have to ask us about your child’s progress. It is our job to be at the forefront of your child’s advancement and acceleration through our program! Your job, it to enjoy the results of your child and their new found passion for gymnastics!