Our Recreational Hip-Hop Program is lead by Theresa Leechman and Madison Gilbert! Two experienced and Passionate HIP HOP Dancers! Here is our Class Schedule!  Hip Hop Classes are coded in Lime Green!

Dance Schedule Handout Fall 2017 (click here for print) 




Dance Team Try-Outs are coming up May 25th, 2018!  

Iron Cross Dance Company!

Who are we? 

Iron Cross Dance Company is a pre-professional dance company that exists for the purpose of furthering the dance experience of all of our dancers.  All of our dancers are exposed to different styles of dance including ballet, pointe, jazz, contemporary, and hip-hop. They learn dances to compete in several competitions throughout the year.  Dance is an athletic art that instills discipline and the value of hard work.  At Iron Cross Dance we seek to instill the values of hard work, while at the same time always providing an environment of Positivity, Encouragement, and Love.  We care about the dancer as a whole person and  we want them to become the very best version of themselves possible! 

How does our program work?

If you or your child is interested in being in our dance company they will come to a tryout in the spring to be considered for either our Company or our Pre-Company.

Pre-Company:  This is for those who have potential but either don’t have the the skill level or are ready for the level of commitment that Company requires. They will not have to compete in our Pre-Company. They will have extra classes recommended for them to take throughout the year to get their skills up to par.  They will also be required to come to at least one of the competition to show comradery and support to our Company and to give them an idea of what it will be like for them as they progress into our competitive program. 

Company:  If the dancer is chosen for Company they will be placed in levels based on their age and skill level. We have three companies:

Mini Company: for mostly 6 to 9 year olds and relativley new dancers.  They will be required to dance 6-7 hours per week. They will also compete in 2 or 3 dances throughout the season and be showcased in the end of the year recital. 

Junior II Company: for mostly 9 to 11 year old dancers that have a higher skill level. They will be required to dance 9 to 10 hours per week. They will compete in 3-4 dances throughout the season and be showcased in the recital.  Those who qualify will be allowed to compete in solo if they desire. 

Junior I Company: for mostly 11 to 14 year old dancers that are ready for pointe and have a higher technical level.  They are required to dance 12 hours per week.  These dancers will compete in 4 dances throughout the season and are eligible to compete in solo style of their choice.  They will be showcased in the end of the year recital. 

How do I qualify for solo?

To qualify for a solo, you have to have been in the company for at least one year or be in the junior I Company.

Check out footage from our very first Dance Recital 2017!   Our theme was “Around the world”


We are Planning After School Care Programs for Fall of 2018 as well as Building and Company Expansions! 






























What is Parent’s Night Out?

Parents Night Out is a service that we offer so that Parents can enjoy the occasional amazing night out while their children can enjoy an amazing night in! Parent’s can intrust that their children are in a place that is safe and fun while they get to enjoy things like movies, dinner, outings, friends, quite evenings at home, etc…. Parents, with our PNO service you can start dating again!  Our PNO’s on average run twice per month, every other Friday.  You should always check our calendar or call and make sure we are having it before coming.  PNO’s are always entertaining by the fact that each one has its own unique theme! Some of our most popular themes include things such as Super-Hero Night, Toilet Paper the Gym, Glow Sticks and Dance Night, Pie your Coach Night, Giant Twister, Giant Four-Square, Silly Prize Night, Monster Truck Night, Ninja Warrior, Frozen, Prince and Princesses Night, Red Carpet Celebrity Night, and many, many, more! You do not need to be enrolled in classes or team to enjoy coming to Parents Night Out! Another benefit to PNO is that we provide dinner to the kids!  Around 8:30pm the kids will sit down and eat Pizza from Pepperoni’s! We order all pizza as cheese and will order Gluten Free upon special request for some of our kids with food allergies.  General activities of a typical PNO include things such as Gymnastics, Tumbling, Trampolines, Open Gym, Games, Dancing, Prizes, Pizza, Snack and Slushies, Specific activities or contest directly related to the Theme; a movie after dinner, “always G or PG” We usually plan and release what movie we will be watching in advance through email and website.  ICG Stays current and up-to-date on movies!

PNO is always such a fun event that the kids truly look forward to each month! We hope to see your child/children at the next one! We will be creating a video testimonial this fall from our PNO kids and parents!


What time is PNO?

PNO is always 7:00pm – 11:00pm


What is the Cost?

$30 first child / $25 Siblings


What is the Schedule for PNO?

January 11th – Frozen

January 17th – Pajama Party

January 24th – Kids Canvas

April 3rd – Easter egg Hunt


How can I register?

There are several ways to get signed up for PNO. Call us at 281-342-4766 (IRON) “Let our staff take care of it for you.”

Stop by the desk when you are there for class.  “Let our staff take care of it for you.”

Register Online by following these simple steps.

1.  Go to www.ironcrossgymnastics.com and click on Parent Portal.

2. If you have an existing account log into your account and select PNO; then follow the prompts.                                                                                                                 If you don’t have an account select “Create Account” and then put in you and your child’s/children’s information

3. Agree to policies/procedures

4. Click on PNO and select date of event

5. Follow registration prompts

6. Pay with Credit Card or Debit Card, and then you are done!


CHECK OUT MORE INFO ON OUR FLYERS! – Click on the image you want to see. 



More open gym information coming soon.

Our Birthday Parties are awesome!  We make sure that each and every child has an extraordianry experience! Birthday Parties are booked on Saturdays.  Time selections are 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, or 6pm.  Call 281-342-4766 (IRON) and get your Party reserved today!


Birthday Information

birthday parties


Contract to BOOK PARTY

Birthday Contract-1



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We offer a wide variety of apparel in our on-site pro-shop for all your athletes needs.  We have our own line of apparel as well as a variety of GK gymnastics and dance leotards! We invite all of our guest to visit our pro-shop for the latest in apparel! First time guest whom purchase anything in our pro-shop on their day of enrollment recieve 10% off any leotard or other apparel that we offer!



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