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Summer 2018 is COMING Soon! Check out this years weekly themes!  If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us by phone or email.  You can call us at 281-342-4766 (IRON) or email us at with Attention to Dani or Tracy!



$1200 all inclusive Summer Pass, 7am – 3pm, Monday – Friday,   11 weeks    

$1350 all inclusive with extended day , 7am – 5pm, Monday – Friday, 11 weeks


$700 half Summer Pass, 7am – 3pm, Monday – Friday, 6 weeks    

$820 half Summer Pass, 7am – 5pm, Monday – Friday, 6 weeks



Need to know about Summer Camp 2018! 

Its time to get your Children’s summer planned and organized!  We are going to provide one of the “Best” Summer Programs in Fort Bend County at an affordable price!  Purchasing Summer Camp in advance will save you money! Our camp fits the needs of both stay at home and working parents.  Campers can be dropped off as early as 7:00am and stay as late as 5:00pm Monday through Friday.  3pm to 5pm is considered extended day hours.  Our prices are so affordable that even if you miss a few weeks for vacation and have booked the whole summer you will still be saving money! Our camp is designed for ages 5 years to 13 years old! Some 4 year olds may be accepted if they are potty independent and show the capability to hang with the other kids throughout the day! 



Platinum Pass($1200) The platinum pass is an all inclusive pass for all eleven weeks of camp from 7am – 3pm Monday through Friday!  The Platinum Pass starts June 11th and goes through August 24th.  For an additional ($150) you can purchase extended hours from 3pm – 5pm daily.



Gold Pass($700) The Gold Pass is an all inclusive half summer pass in which you will receive 6 consecutive weeks of camp! Customers have their choice between starting June 11th and going through July 19th for the first half or they can start July 16th through August 24th for the second half.  Camp is run from 7am – 3pm daily.  For an additional ($150) customers can purchase extended hours from 3pm-5pm daily.



Monthly Pass(JUNE – $472.50) (JULY – $787.50) (AUGUST – $630.00) The monthly pass is an all inclusive pass for the month.  Customers can pick between coming June, July, or August.  Camp runs from 7am – 3pm daily. For an additional cost of $60 for June, $100 for July, and $80 for August,  customers can purchase extended hours from 3pm – 5pm daily.



Weekly Pass($175 first child / $150 siblings) The weekly pass is an all inclusive pass for any of the customers choice of the eleven weeks we provide camp.  Camp runs from 7am – 3pm all week long.  Extended hours are available from 3pm – 5pm per week for a cost of ($195 first child / $170 siblings) 



Daily Pass – (45 Per first child / $35 siblings) The daily pass is perfect for someone who just wants to occasionally drop in on camp! Camp hours are 7am – 3pm daily.  Extended hours from 3pm – 5pm available for a cost of ($49 first child / $39 siblings)



Huge Savings Opportunities – It’s simple, the more camp you purchase the “cheaper” it is! In a nutshell, once you do the math you will realize that buying camp in bulk is totally worth it! Even if your going to be on vacation for a few weeks it is still worth it! Check this out! 

Platinum Pass $1200 = $62% savings

Platinum Pass All Inclusive with Extended Hours = $1350, this is a 63% savings

Gold Pass $700 = 51% savings 

Gold Pass All Inclusive with Extended Hours = $850 = 45% savings 

Summer Camp Purchase by MONTH! 

June (15 days of camp) – $472.50 = 10% Savings or $532.50 with Extended Day

July (28 days of camp) – $787.50 = 10% Savings or 887.50 with Extended Day

August (20 days of camp) – $630 = 10% Savings or $710 with Extended Day 

If you total up Summer Camp Pricing sold by month for all 11 weeks you get a cost of $1890.00; or with extended day hours you would get a total of $2,130.00.……. I would buy the Platinum Pass! 


What is a day or week at camp like?  Campers will keep arriving from 7am – til about 8:30am.  The first part of the morning will be organized games, activities, open gyms, and gymnastics.  Around 8:30am to 9:00am all the campers will go through Stretch, strength, and fitness activities to get their bodies warmed up for the day.  At 9:00 to 10:30am everyone will be broken into groups for gymnastics.  We do an hour and half of gymnastics training everyday! Around 10:30am – 11:30am we will have our theme activities, or our special guest, or our craft activities for the day or for that week.  At 11:30am – 12:15pm we have lunch A which is our first lunch group.  While some campers go to lunch others go to organized activities during that time.    This might be dodge-ball, kick-ball, soft-ball, volly-ball, etc.  At 12:15pm – 1:00pm Lunch B happens for the second group of kids while lunch A goes to sports.  Around 1:00pm – 2:00pm we have daily electives in which the campers can pick between Cheerleading, Dance, Tumbling, and Martial Arts.  Around 2:00pm – 3:00pm is Movie Time; campers will wind down their day with a movie; always G or PG.   3:00pm – 5:00pm  is extended care in which we offer games, crafts, and organized activities for the campers! One thing is for sure, your kids will not get bored at our camp! Your kids will learn gymnastics and other sports throughout the summer! At Iron Cross our Summer Mission is for kids to Have Fun, Stay Fit, and Be Active! 


Items from Home – Any items brought from home should be labeled with your child’s name, and they are responsible for these items at all times.  Iron Cross is not responsible for lost or broken items.  We discourage children from bringing cell phones, iPads, iPods, or other electronics.  Please do not brink blanket or pillows to camp.  Cubby spaces are small and limited, so please limit items brought from home to just the necessities. If a bag is needed, please use a small travel size bag.  All items brought from home must go home each day.  We do not store items overnight.  Approved items or things they might want to bring.

  • Lunch Kit (Monday through Thursday) 
  • Water Bottle (Optional-water and cups are available to everyone) 
  • Change of clothing and towel (Water-Day Only) 
  • Sun-screen (for outdoor activities) ICG Campus Only


Lunch – Campers should bring their lunch Monday through Thursday.  Iron Cross will provide a Pizza Party every Friday to celebrate accomplishments of the week! (Gluten Free Pizza available upon request) Due to campers bringing their own lunch, we are not able to completely control food allergens that your child could be exposed to.  If your child has a food allergy, please let our Management Staff know so that we can do our best to monitor any possible situation.  If your child is unable to eat pizza, please bring their lunch on all days.  We do not have refrigerators or microwaves for camp; please plan lunch accordingly. 


Snacks – We have a morning and afternoon snack time each day.  Students are welcome to bring a snack from home, or we have snack items available for purchase.  Many students leave money in envelopes or purchase Iron Cross Gift Cards that our front desk will keep track of for you.  The cost of items purchased can be anywhere from .25 cents to $2.50. If you have questions regarding the number or kinds of snacks your child can purchase please ask our front office staff. 


Water-Days – Water Days will be every other week, weather permitting.  We encourage all children to participate but will provide other activities if your child doesn’t want to get wet.  Water Days are busy, so to keep it fun and organized please remember the following.

  • Campers should come dressed in their swim gear, with sunscreen already applied.
  • Bring a change of clothing in a plastic bag, including: Shirt, pants, or shorts, and under garments (the plastic bag will be used for wet clothing) 
  • Towel
  • Label everything with your child name
  • Dates for water days include June 22, July 6th, July 20th, and August 3rd.


Safety & Security – 

  • All Parents, Legal Guardians, and care takers whom will be dropping off and picking up campers will need to give us a copy of your Drivers-License or Valid ID so that we can keep a record of whom is picking up your children.  If we do not know you, we will ask for your ID daily upon pick-up to match it with our records.
  • All Platinum and Gold Campers will receive a card for sign-in and sign-out each day.  Please remember to bring your card each day and leave it with the front office, as this is how we account for who is at camp that day.  When you pick up your child, please take the card with you for use the next day.
  • All other campers will be asked to sign in at the front office each day.  Please be sure to leave a valid phone number so we can reach you in case of emergency.
  • If an adult other than yourself will be picking up your child, we will need their full name in advance as well as a copy of their drivers license.  
  • Safety in our facility in our main priority.  Our staff does routine safety checks on all equipment to assure the safety of our campers. If you ever see a safety concern, please notify our management immediately. We appreciate feedback.
  • Throughout the summer we do conduct routine fire drills.  All campers must participate and be evacuated from the building during these times. 
  • In the event of inclement weather, the gym will monitor the weather and take appropriate actions.  Should there be a need to take shelter, we will use the interior restrooms and foam pits, covered with matts.


Safe Sport USAG Guidelines / Resources

ICG is a proud member of USA Gymnastics.  To provide a safe environment for all ICG members and staff, we follow the USA Gymnastics Safe Sport Guidelines, and the following ICG Safety Procedures.

  • All Fulltime ICG Employees are a professional member of USA Gymnastics.  They get their certifications through USA Gymnastics as well as criminal background checks which must be renewed annually.
  • ICG does our own independent background checks on all staff members.
  • ICG provides on going behind the scenes training to all employees for correct spotting techniques, appropriate verbal interactions, providing encouragement and praise, professionalism, etc.. We train both Hard Skills and Soft Skills to our employees.
  • Students are monitored at all times, and two staff and/or an adult must be present anytime a student is on the premises. This includes normal hours of operation and also anytime their are private lessons going on outside normal hours of operation.
  • ICG uses social media to communicate ICG Events and Team information through ICG approved social media accounts.  Use of personal social media accounts between ICG Staff members/coaches and students is not permitted.  This includes Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat, Instagram, texting, or any other form of social media.
  • ICG is a mandatory reporter in compliance with USA Gymnastics Safe Sport Policy.
  • A link to the full version of the USA Gymnastics Safe Sport Policy is below.

  • Safe Sport Policy


ICG Safety Rules in the GYM

  • No Running
  • No food or drinks in the gym
  • Tell a coach or staff member if you need to use the bathroom
  • Stay with your assigned group
  • Hands to yourself and use kind words
  • If something is to high or hard, ask your coach to help
  • No flipping that hasn’t been approved by your coach
  • No sitting or standing on equipment
  • Look before you leap
  • Remember to safety fall (coaches will teach this technique to campers) 


Sick Policy / Medications

Please use the following guidelines when determining if your child is too ill for camp:

  • If your child has fever, they must be fever free for 24 hours to return
  • If your child has an unexplained rash, please have it looked at by their physician, and supply a note from the physician, indicating your child has been cleared to return to the gym
  • If your child is vomiting or has diarrhea, they must be FREE of any episodes for 24 hours before returning to camp
  • If your child has head lice, they will need to be treated and free from nits and live bugs prior to returning to camp.  Please notify us immediately so we can take appropriate precautions to prevent the spread of lice.
  • All medications must be in the original container and kept at the front desk with your child’s name and instructions for use.


Discipline Procedures

Our disciplinary procedures have been outlined below.  The coaches will also verbally go over the rules with the kids.  In case of an ongoing disruptive pattern, a parent conference and disciplinary action may be necessary.  Iron Cross must protect the interest of the campers and their ability to be in a fun and safe environment. 

  • The camper will be verbally warned and asked to correct the behavior in a nice and respectful manner.
  • The camper will be asked to sit out for five minutes to think about their misbehavior and about how they are going to correct it.
  • If the camper repeats the behavior, the coach will inform our management whom will inform the parent about the behavior and the camper may be asked to sit out or even go home for the remainder of the day.
  • If the behavior continues, a formal meeting between parent and our management will be scheduled to discuss strategies for correcting the behavior of the camper.  (Our hearts become invested and we really do want to help and find out “why” this is going on)
  • If nothing else works, we reserve the right to suspend or expel the camper from our program without a refund.


Check out details on each weeks Summer Camp Themes! This year will be our “BEST YET”! Have Fun, Stay Fit, Be Active! 

Week 1. June 11th – 15th (Everyday Super-Heroes) 

We all have a favorite superhero, it could be Wonder Women, Superman, Spiderman, or even Batman. But, did you know we have everyday superheroes like your mom or dad, the police, fireman, doctors, and the military.  Who is your everyday Superhero? This week will be filled with superhero challenges like a cadet training course, child I.D. Kits, and a visit from some of our everyday superheroes.  Friday, we will all dress like our favorite superhero – this can also be an everyday hero, or your favorite Marvel or DC Character. These are just a few of the super awesome activities we have planned for week 1.


Week 2.  June 18th – 22nd (Hawaiian Hullabaloo) 

Get ready to hula hoop your way into summer with a Hawaiian Luau! Test your skills this week with games like limbo, hula hoop chain race, flamingo challenge, and a hula till your drop contest! Friday, we will celebrate by dressing in our Hawaiian Gear, learning to hula dance, and having some popsicles! This will also be a Splash Day so be sure to come in your swim wear with sunscreen already applied and bring a change of clothes in a plastic bag.


Week 3. June 25th – 29th (Lets Play Ball) 

Four Square, Broom Ball, VolleyBall, Kickball, you name it, we will play it! Throughout the week campers will be put on teams and we will have all sorts of variety of sports games they will play! We will have both team and individual challenges. We will explore science and art with the use of all sorts of different balls.  We will end the week with a camp dodge ball tournament! “if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball”! LOL


Week 4.  July 2nd – 6th (Party in the USA) -closed on July 4th

Birthday America! This week its all about the RED, WHITE, and BLUE.  This week campers will play patriot tag, have a patriotic balloon pop, make American Flags, and have a flag relay competition.  Campers are encouraged to dress patriotic all week! ICG will be closed in observance of July 4th, we hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday!  This will also be a Splash Day so be sure to come in your swim wear with sunscreen already applied and bring a change of clothes in a plastic bag.


Week 5.  July 9th – 13th (Pirate Adventure) 

Aye Mate! Grab your friends and join us as we head out on a pirate adventure!  This week will be filled with all kinds of pirate shenanigans including Sword Fights, Walking the Plank, Cannon Ball Pop, Captain Hook Relay, Pirate Ship Races, and of course a Treasure Hunt for Gold! We will divide the campers into teams and give each one a treasure map! We will also make Pirate Flags as well as many more crazy activities planned! 


Week 6.  July 16th – 20th (ICG Carnival comes to town)

Step right up and join the fun as we play circus games like the ring toss, the duck game, ping pong toss, and many others.  Test your skills and strength in our muscle kid challenge and our Clown-Around Obstacle Course.  At the end of the week, get a chance to pie your favorite coach in the face! This will also be a Splash Day so be sure to come in your swim wear with sunscreen already applied and bring a change of clothes in a plastic bag.


Week 7. July 23rd – 27th (ICG Survivor) 

At ICG the way to be a survivor is through teamwork! Join us as we select tribe names, make banners, and work together to complete each of the survivor challenges.  Some of this weeks challenges will include a team mat race, tug-o-war, strength and speed obstacles, and a backwards obstacle course.  On Friday all tribes will participate in a game of capture the flag to see which tribe it the ultimate ICG Survivors! 


Week 8.  July 30th – August 3rd. (Fantasy Week) 

Have you ever dreamed of being a fierce Knight, a Royal King or Queen, or a Wizard with magical powers? This week campers will explore the world of make believe with medieval games like jousting, sword fights, archery, and golf (ancient golf).  We have many other awesome activities planned.  On Friday its coaches vs. campers to see who will win the favor of the Queen and King. This will also be a Splash Day so be sure to come in your swim wear with sunscreen already applied and bring a change of clothes in a plastic bag.


Week 9.  August 6th – 10th (It’s a Mystery) 

Calling all Secret Agents, we have a mystery on our hands, and we need your help solving it!  Campers will attend our Secret Agent Training Camp, including, nerf gun target practice, strength, and agility training.  We will make our Secret Agent identities by choosing new names, making badges, and creating our secret disguise.  By the end of the week we will have worked together to solve a mystery! We have many other amazing activities planned this week! 


Week 10.  August 13th – 17th (Red Carpet Week) 

Star Power is in the air, and this week we will be showing off all the things our SuperStar campers learned this summer!  Everyone will make their own “Hollywood Star” pose for their headshots in our Photo-booth, and have fun racing in a Hollywood props relay.  On Friday we will showcase our camps Superstars at our Annual ICG Summer Talent Show! You won’t want to miss it! 


Week 11.  August 20th – 24th (Best of the Best Summer Camp 2018) 

Its been a great summer with tons of fun activities!  This week we will recap some of the favorite things from the summer as well as a few new surprises! On Friday, families are welcome to join us for the Best of the Best Summer Camp Video!   Lots of awesome farewell Summer Activities Planned! That’s it, SEE YOU NEXT SUMMER! Have a great first week of School! 


Check out our short videos from last years camp weeks!