Rachel Luker - Iron Cross Gymnastics

Rachel Luker

Sunday, February 14th, 2016

Offers tumbling, recreational and a small competitive gymnastics program. Experienced gym owners who treat all kids with love and affection. Great new gym with huge spacious facilities, Front desk staff and coaches are always willing to work through issues with parents and children. Incredible tumbling camps and parents night out.

Posting an update: My daughter is on the competitive team, and we still have great experiences at Iron Cross. The coach team is very cohesive and management are problem solving. They interact with the parents very well, and immediately as soon as there are issues. This gym is very focused on your child’s happiness and well being, as well as creating a love for gymnastics first! (That is what keeps them in this sport). A plethora of summer camps, tumbling clinics, Saturday clinics, and recreation classes are offered.