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Dance Classes

Welcome to our Dance Program! We offer recreational dance classes for both boys and girls starting at ages 3 and up.   


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This is our Year-Round Dance Schedule!

Some classes may change times and days during depending on the time of year and availability. The majority of our classes remain the same day and time year-round! No classes are changed without proper notification and direct communication to our customers!


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Our Mission:  To inspire creativity, instill discipline, and bring joy in the lives of our students through the art of dance.


Please review some brief descriptions of our program.


TAP - is a great tradition in American dance that will teach students rhythm and the ability to interpret music.  Each class will teach the basics and then build upon them.  Students learning tap will be able to incorporate these skills into their other styles of dance by increasing their musicality.


BALLET - is the foundation of dance.  Each level is designed to give the dancer what he or she needs to achieve new goals and a high quality of performance. New dancers will receive a strong foundation in technique by introducing the basic steps, unique conditioning and stretches designed to excel and advance in dance.  By mastering ballet, dancers will easily be able to transition to other styles of dance.


POINTE - is meant for female dancers that have reached a certain level of of technique.  They will be invited to dance on pointe.  Dancing on pointe takes special training so that the dancer can transition to this more advanced level without injury.  This will be determined by the instructor.


PRESCHOOL DANCE - will consist of a combination ballet/tap class.  The goal of this class is to introduce movement in a fun and interactive way.   We will teach our little ones basic ballet positions and steps, work on flexibility and strength, and learn coordination and motor skill function while at the same time jamming out to some fun songs!  They will also learn about music and rhythm while learning how to tap, this is such a fun class!


JAZZ/CONTEMPORARY - is another style of dance that uses contemporary music and dance moves.  These classes will introduce classic jazz and musical theater dance, as well as new contemporary dance moves that are used frequently in competition.  All classes will be age appropriate and match their level of achievement.


COMPETITIVE DANCE COMPANY - will compete in nationally known dance competitions in all styles of dance.  Competition helps to foster self-confidence and gives students that competitive edge to help them succeed in life.  We are committed to helping our students achieve their goals in a positive, nurturing environment.  We look forward to seeing what the future will hold!


Please read a bit about our Dance Teacher BIO Christina Leachman




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