Why is full tuition charged on months where there are only 3 weeks? (Can we do make ups for days the gym is closed?)
Monthly tuition is based on an average of 4 classes per month, meaning we account for all of the holidays and breaks on our calendar (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, first and last weeks of school, etc.). The yearly tuition is divided equally so that monthly tuition remains the same all year around. Because of this, we do not allow make up classes for the days we are scheduled to be closed. Regardless of whether you have 3, 4, or 5 classes in any one month, you will have an average of 4 classes/month through the year.
Do I have to put a card on file? (Can I pay by cash/check each month?)

The tuition is set to automatically draft on the 1st. (or 15th. if requested) of every month. We do require that you have a bank debit card or credit card saved on file. This information is protected by a secure network and a password protected program. We are also PCI Certified and Compliant. If you would like to pay with cash or check, you may do so at the front desk or through the Parent Portal before the 1st of the month to avoid your card being charged

What is the annual fee, and why do we pay it?

Every Iron Cross Member is required to pay a $35.00 insurance fee (for 1 student families) or a $45.00 insurance fee (for multiple student families) annually. This fee will be automatically charged to your account on the date of your anniversary. The fee is used to help offset the cost of rising annual insurance premiums that are based on our total number of enrollment as well as other factors for our facility. 

If I pay the quarterly or half year discounted tuition and stop classes before the 3/6 months is up can I be refunded for the remainder of the tuition?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is “No.” When paying the discounted tuition for the quarter or half year, we do not refund if you decide to drop before the end of the 3/6 months. Once these fees have been charged, Iron Cross reserves the right to use the capital towards investing in operational cost, which is why we don’t offer a prorated refund.

How do I drop a class?

We hate to see our students leave the program, but we understand that sometimes other things take priority. In the Iron Cross Rules, Terms, and Conditions, agreed upon at enrollment, our drop procedure is as follows: “In order to drop your membership, you must go online to our website and fill out our drop request form. We do require the drop request form to be completed prior to the 1st. of the next up-coming month. This gives us an appropriate amount of time to process the request and to make sure that you are not charged on the first of the month with the tuition draft. Remember, you paid your child’s last month as a deposit upon enrollment. This means that your drop request is actually a 30-day notice and that your child will be able to finish out the entire next month after the drop request has been turned in to us.” Please note: You are responsible for payment for your student’s classes whether or not your student attends class. If a student isn’t coming to class without notification, then that student’s account will continue to be charged until notice has been received.

What is the difference between dropping and going on hold?

We understand that many people are out of town for summer, holidays, and other circumstances where they need to take a short break from classes. In this case, you may put your account on hold. In order to do this, you may request a drop on the Iron Cross website before the 1st of the month when tuition is due. When doing so, make sure you note that you would like to “Go on Hold”, and include for how long you predict to be out of classes. This will not hold your child’s spot in the class she/he is enrolled in, but it will hold your last month deposit on your account for your return. (Our staff will walk you through the process of going to our website, clicking on the DROP REQUEST page, and proceeding to officially place the account on a temporary hold.)

We would like to drop immediately. Can I get a refund on our last month deposit?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is “No”. The last month deposit is non-refundable as it is stated in the Iron Cross Rules, Terms, and Conditions that you are required to give us a 30-day written notice before dropping so that we can then apply your last month deposit to the month of your request.

Can I enroll in a class through the Parent Portal?
Yes! You are able to request a trial class or transfer through your parent portal and leave us a note as well. You are also able to enroll in any of our camps or events through the Parent Portal.
Will there be classes in the summertime?
Yes! Iron Cross Gymnastics is a year-round program. Our class schedule slightly changes 3 times per year so that we can better accommodate our customer’s needs. We have a Fall Schedule, Spring Schedule, and a Summer Schedule. However, for the most part, the schedule is the same year-round with a few small changes to some classes based on supply and demand. When there is a change coming, we publish the new schedule at least one month in advance to allow the customers to see any changes that have been made and let you make any changes that need to be made with our front desk.
Why isn’t my child progressing? (They are doing the same thing each week.)

While it may appear that your child is not progressing, we encourage you to speak with your child’s coach to discuss how your child is doing with their skills. Each child has a skill tree in our online management system with all the skills needed to move up to the next level. Coaches update the system periodically as your child progresses, and once they have mastered 90% of the skills needed for the next level, the coach will verbally let you know to move your child’s class to the next level. Our directors set a lesson plan each week for each program (Recreational, Tumbling and Beginnings) that works on different aspects of the skills that need to be learned for each level. The nature of gymnastics and tumbling is that repetitive practice is needed for success. We try to alleviate the repetitive nature by playing games, posting challenges and having fun.

My child seems more advanced than the others, can she/he move up? (When can I expect my child to move up in class?)

We encourage you to speak with our child’s coach regarding his/her progress and readiness to move up to the next level. Our coaches assess their students at regular intervals and will let you know when it is time to move your child to a higher level class

How do I get my child on the competition team?

Our competition team is for select students and by invitation only. We are proactive and reach out to students and parents periodically throughout the year who we believe have the potential to be on the competition team. We also host annual try-outs for recreational students who are interested in taking that next step. If a parent proactively inquires about our team, we set them up to have a meeting with our team director of the program that their child would qualify to be placed in. In this meeting, we would educate parents on the next steps and help develop a plan to help their child get to team. Some kids might be ready, but we only accept new enrollment to our developmental teams at specific times of the year.